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Improve your posture with the Posture, Get It Straight book and other accessories
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Posture products

Rid yourself of those nagging aches and pains with our line of premiere posture products!

Complete Package - a 16% discount!
Posture, Get It Straight! Package includes Book, Companion DVD and Resistance Band.

Only $35.95


posture combo pack

Absolutely Abdominals DVD
Don't waste time doing traditional crunches. They are not very effective and can hurt your neck and back. The exercises in this DVD will show you how to strengthen all four layers of abdominal muscle WITHOUT stressing your neck or back.

$3.95 shipping


absolutely abdominals DVD

Posture, Get it Straight! DVD:
Posture, Get It Straight! DVD, includes Janice’s famous ‘One Minute To Better Posture Technique’, as well as all the posture improvement exercises and a FREE Non-Latex Resistance Band.



posture DVD

Posture, Get it Straight Book:
This bestselling book will show you how to look ten years younger and ten pounds thinner, and free yourself from those nagging aches and pains!



posture book

Non-Latex Resistance Band:
Easy to use - strengthen, tone and get in shape with this posture tool. Order extra bands for your friends!



resistance band



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