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This woman knows EVERYTHING about posture. Her program is so comprehensive it includes exercises and tips to correct every posture problem. After just two weeks of incorporating a few into my daily routine my friends couldn't believe the difference. People kept asking me if I lost weight. And best of all, my back pain disappeared. This program is so easy any one can do these exercises and the REALLY work. I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to improve their posture.

—C. Noonan review

Fun and informative; easy to do and easy to remember; Janice's messages about health and posture are so appropriate for today's lifestyles"; 'Can't wait to teach my staff what I've learned from her.

—Katie Wilson
Program Coordinator, Wisconsin Food Service Assoc.

It is rare that a speaker consistently achieves the high ratings Janice does. Our participants lover the practical information and hands on participation. Her warmth, humor and intelligence were greatly appreciated. Thanks for the excellent job.

—Molly Kundinger
Program Coordinator, North Memorial Hospital

...a truly gifted and outstanding speaker/teacher... an unlimited resource.

—Phil H.
Program Director, Flagship Athletic Club

Janice is extremely qualified as to the content of her course, but it is her other qualites - sense of humor, warmth, compassion - that caused participants to comment that her course was one of the best parts of our program. She is an inspiration to all. I highly recommend her.

—Janice James
Admin. Director, Harvard University, Grad. School of Business

Janice's workshops were enormously beneficial to our clients as well as our staff. Excellent work!.

—Jill Vitale
Program Director, The Marsh

I would recommend Janice’s program to anyone who is interested in feeling better, not only physically but mentally. It changes your attitude. It helps you to enjoy your day to day life because you are stronger, you can function in everything you do better. If you feel more powerful, if you feel stronger, if you feel better, everything in your day to day life goes a lot smoother.

—Joanne Allen

I think that the program has not only given me self confidence, which I think is very important, but I am a healthier person because of it. I have now started exercising and watching my weight. I do think Janice has an incredibly unique posture program. Nothing else even comes close.

—Harriet Newman

I have told a lot of people about Janice’s program. And I think a lot of people have noticed a difference in me. I will tell anyone who’ll listen, that this is a great program.

—Lisa N.